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10 years of screen printing

Serving Utah since 2007!

Today is a very special day for everyone involved with our company
. Ten years ago shirtbatter embarked on a journey that has helped us all grow as individuals, fill a growing need in the screen printing industry, and create a team of creative professionals who have created something great collectively. As today marks our ten year anniversary, we look toward the next ten years with excitement for our future growth and with pride in the amazing accomplishments we’ve had since our founding.


Jumping into the deep end with both feet first was the best way to get the ball rolling for our founder. While many companies spend months and even years working on business plans and investor pitches, Derek decided to start Shirtbatter right on the spot when the idea was planted in his mind and run with it for all these years. A short time after Derek started looking for potential clients, he found BBSC events. Their major event annually is the St George Triathlon. When BBSC ordered 2,000 shirts with 6 printing colors, Derek wholeheartedly agreed even though he had never printed a single shirt in his life! With all manual printers, printing just one 6 colored shirt could take up to 5 minutes for a seasoned professional not to mention someone who had never printed a shirt in his life. His team was ready to rock and roll. A week of back to back 22 hour days and 2 hour naps at work resulted in the first of many successful printing jobs for Shirtbatter.

Just like any business, it is our customers who keep us in business. Putting our customers first is what we believe to be at the core of our success. It has not only kept clients coming back but it has created amazing word of mouth marketing opportunities that money just can’t buy. Our clients have kept us going through the ups and downs of the last ten years and to them we are forever grateful. Being able to serve our community and customers for the past ten years has been a wonderful gift and we are looking forward to many years to come serving our amazing clients!


We are so fortunate to have a founder who is still so hands on with our business after ten years. Derek, unlike many other founders, has a very fun, energetic, and hands on approach to running his business. He is a leader who can inspire a vision for his team that constantly keeps everyone stoked! The vision of franchising Shirtbatter into a nationwide leader in the online screen printing industry has created an intense energy within the organization. Everyone on the team is ready to take things to the next level. Our design team is full of creative professionals from fashion, design, and various artistic backgrounds. The upbeat and fun personalities of our design team help clients feel relaxed and excited about their printing projects at Shirtbatter. What would an online screen printing company be without a web team? The web team for our company is made up of tech-savvy professionals who have years of experience in web design and online marketing. Last, but certainly not least, our production team of screen printing and embroidery specialist have a work ethic and attention to detail that helps finalize the amazing products that arrive at our client’s businesses and homes. Our team wouldn’t be complete without a proper mascot! Lisa Frank, a beautiful rainbow chameleon, keeps worker morale high and reminds us all to let our true color shine through. Named after 90’s artist Lisa Frank, our mascot reminds us to always listen to our creative and artistic side when working on any project for Shirtbatter.


We are overjoyed that we have made it this far. The last ten years have taught us a lot about customer service, team building, and building a brand. We are looking forward to meeting new clients, building and even more solid team, and advancing our printing technology even further. We are grateful to everyone who has helped us get to this point, and we are looking forward to many more successful years to come!

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