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Shirtbatter Open House


Hello, hello, our dear friends and fans!
We’re letting you know of our awesome Christmas plans!
On the 6th of December, eleven to three,
We have an open house at Shirtbatter that you’ll have to come see.


In from the blizzard that’s freezing and wet..
To Christmas warmth with decorations all set.
Santa Clause will greet you with laughter and cheers,
“Ho, Ho, ho! Have some FREE hot chocolate before it disappears!”
We’ll have marshmallows, whip cream, and sprinkles galore!
If you think that sounds good, we’ll have to tell you more!


See what we do at this magical place!
It’s so much more fun than the ordinary workplace.
Screen printing, embroidery, and sublimation,
It’s up to your creative imagination.
Hundreds of colors of thread and ink,
Way more than the brain in your head can think!


So get here quick. You’ll have a blast.
And you’ll get a free t-shirt! While supplies last..
We also have raffle prizes to add to the fun!
Your name sewn on a stocking or a gift card to be won!


Come to Shirtbatter! (Don’t forget the ‘r’, )
In the middle of Kaysville! It’s not that far.
347 North, 650 West is the place,
Join the party! It’ll be hotter than Santa’s fireplace!

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